Public Speaking & Training

ParamCo is experienced in a range of public speaking forums. The company’s head, George Paramananthan, has an extensive background in public speaking including as seminar chairperson, discussion panel member, keynote speaker or guest speaker across leadership conferences both in Australia and overseas. He has spoken on a range of leadership topics including:

  • Engagement Strategies
  • Change Management
  • Ethics
  • Effective Communication
  • Staff Performance Optimisation Strategies
  • Risk Mitigation and Business Support Maximisation

The following are some examples of topics we have presented in the past:

  • Love Me, That’s All I Ask of You – Engagement tactics for in-house lawyers
  • The Once and Future King – Tips on successfully leading a team
  • He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother – The burden of an in-house support function
  • Mind the Gap! – Understanding the divide between an in-house support function and its external service provider
  • You Complete Me – Getting the best out of your Staff
  • Communication Let Me Down – Connecting with your audience
  • The Queen is Dead, Long live the King – The skill of being a transitional Leader
  • Heavy is the Crown of the King – Leadership in the time of crisis
  • Me Tarzan, You Jane – Understanding and managing different personality types in the workplace
  • All right Mr DeMille, I am ready for my close-up – Surviving the scrutiny of leadership

For other information related to our Public Speaking & Training solution go to our Articles page and to our page on Case Studies.

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