George Paramananthan

George Paramananthan is the Executive Director of ParamCo.


George is a multifaceted senior leader with extensive experience as a transformational executive, working with clients and internal stakeholders to achieve commercial growth, in building successful business partnerships, in managing operational risks and in utilizing effective communication through a proactive, strategic, informed and outcome-focused manner.

George has worked across a range of industries including telecommunications, IT, media & entertainment, sports, automotive, property and financial services. He has advised global boards, local government regulators and cross-sectional industry management teams on various transformational initiatives including areas of strategic planning, thought leadership, legal & commercial risk management and cross- jurisdictional project management.

George╩╝s past roles include as General Counsel, as Head of Legal & Compliance and as Regional Ethics Officer for several multi-national corporations who are global industry leaders. He has also assisted major corporations across a range of industries with complex transformational projects including mergers & acquisitions, business process & IT outsourcing and in-house operational support function engagement strategies.


  • Strategic thinker
  • Delivers practical solutions
  • Proactive
  • Leader

Key Strengths

  • Customer focused
  • Solutions and outcome driven
  • Successful at executing complex tasks
  • Excellent at relationship building and stakeholder engagement
  • Values and understands the commercial imperative
  • Effective at identifying and managing operational risks