I’m Running up that Hill

Ever feel like you are swimming against the tide? Like what you consider leadership skills aren’t the ones that leadership articles or leadership programs tell you are real leadership skills? Well, maybe they are wrong.

Here are a couple of leadership qualities that are counter the mainstream patterns:

  1. Leaders can change their minds. It is not good leadership to dig your heels in and ignore changing circumstances. By digging your heels in you are merely flexing your muscle as the “boss” and blindly following an ideal about the unwavering decision making powers of leadership.
  2. Leaders take the risks and shields others from blame. A good leader should take more than her share of the blame and less than her share of the credit.
  3. Leaders over-communicate. With everyone. They should not be afraid to trust people with information. Keeping people informed about something shows that they are important to you, and it helps people deal with the scary “unknown”.
  4. Leaders show their vulnerability. By showing that you are no superman, you will allow others to relate to you, which in turn will make you are more effective leader.
  5. Leaders strive for the right path, not the easy one. Being genuine and acting with integrity towards people, the problem and the circumstances shows great courage. Leaders should seek to do what’s right first, then figure out how to deal with the repercussions, rather than seeking to minimize pain and twisting their morals to suit. Starting out with good intentions isn’t enough. The follow-through is what you will be judged on.
  6. Leaders take time to rest up. Extended face-time in the office or shooting off emails in the middle of the night isn’t fooling anyone anymore. Being a good leader is to allow yourself and encourage your team to rest and recover.

What kind of leader are you? One that runs with the “pack” or one that makes active choices about you, your skills, your environment, your circumstances and the outcomes you want to achieve?

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