I Am What I Am

I know – it is easier said than done. But a consistent strategy for personal growth is essential to make sure that you are effective, up-to-date and growing in the right directions. For better or worse, it is important to make this journey your primary career focus. You are the only person who can reliably look out for your best career interests. There is no point putting all your energy into your current role when (as we have all seen in recent years) there is little loyalty from employers and your current role may not be as current as you thought it would be.

A bit “doom and gloom” I admit, but sometimes tough love is necessary!

Here’s a few Do’s and Don’t to think about when you are considering your strategy for Brand “Me”:

  • Don’t – Waste time feeling sorry for yourself or being bitter about your circumstances. Instead, look at the situation as a learning experience.
  • Don’t – Let someone live rent-free in your mind. Giving someone “power” over how you react or what you do means you have less control over your own destiny.
  • Don’t – Waste time worrying about things you can’t control. Focus on the things that you have power over.
  • Don’t – Be 100% agreeable 100% of the time. Sometimes our natural ability not to rock the boat can work against us.
  • Don’t – Resent others for their successes. Try to learn from them instead and use that energy instead on customising their actions to your situation.
  • Do – Accept that you should put yourself first a majority of the time. No one else will. It will help you make the right decisions and to act according to what is best for you, which will also play a big part in accepting the outcomes of your choices, rather dwelling on them because you have blamed someone else.
  • Do – Learn to enjoy your own company. Being able to sit with yourself quietly without the need for “props” to distract yourself is a very important tool which can be used to calm your mind and to focus your actions.
  • Do – Consider a program of constant self-improvement. Doesn’t have to just be about your working skills. What about creating new hobbies? Or learning something that you always wanted do?
  • Do – Embrace change. Always keep an open mind. Look critically at other people’s experiences and advice to see if what they say could actually work for you. The world around you is constantly changing, so don’t be afraid of changing with it.

The biggest “Do” which I think is the most important is to have a clear strategy about your personal development. Approach this like you would any other project. Have defined outcomes, task-oriented goals, time-measurements and flexibility to redesign as your circumstances change.

Apologies for this unashamed plug but just FYI, ParamCo has developed a Leadership program based on these principals. Contact us if you’d like to know more!

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