All together now!

I recently wrote a short article about staff rationalisation programs. It is a difficult program to devise and action – there’s no doubt about it. But what is equally important is the leadership after the program has been rolled out.

As an Executive for your company, you have a role to play when all corporate programs are actioned. Inherent in your role is to take leadership during these times of unrest. In staff rationalisation programs, leadership comes in the form of actively managing the morale of all staff, not just the ones in your Team.

It is important that the Executives in your company portray a unified front to staff. This means that each of you should have the same messaging about the project, its progress and its effectiveness. You should appear as positive as you can about the program and show confidence in the continued growth survival of the company. Your calming influence will go some distance in helping staff feel confident about their roles and their on-going commitment to the company.

It’s easy to say, but sometimes hard to action. As a Senior Executive, particularly in difficult economic times, you will be under pressure yourself to maintain productivity. However, by showing leadership, you will be helping lead the company’s most important investments back towards productivity.

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